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Over the past 5 years the demand for new technologies and new ways to communicate has made the internet one of the most popular media in the world. At an average, some 500 million users across the world have access to the Internet in one-way or another. This figure is growing each day with more and more companies and users getting connected, as the infrastructure is expanded in to new areas.

It has grown to become one of the most versatile solutions for communicating and trading across the world. As the web expands, so does the need for suppliers of services and products via the net. There is also an increased need for companies around the world to have a presence on the web. Some companies panic and feel that any presence is better than none, and even if this would be true, the result often does more harm than good for their business.

A website should represent your company in the best possible way by reflecting your company's image in a respectful manner. If a customer calls and asks for more information about your company, you wouldn't send them a handwritten note, you would send them a brochure that you feel would please your customer more. The same thing applies to the web, to ensure that the person designing your website is a proper designer to reflect your high standards as a company.

Since the internet is in constant change, so is the information on it. A static website which displays the same information day in and day out, becomes yesterdays news very quickly. It is therefore important that you can easily update the information on your website without having to contact the website design company for help.

We can help you make that first impression really count.

* Beware of offers that are "too good to be true"-- You can easily lose out altogether. You have a limited budget to spend NetSpan  Solutions offers you a chance to maximise your investment.

Remember the key thing about your website isn't how we perceive it but what impressions your visitors get from it. We can help you make first impressions really count.

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