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Never heard of NetSpan? - could be because our systems and products are so effective and trouble-free!

We are a highly-qualified group of professionals with 20+ years of hands-on experience across many sectors.

We will quote fixed prices with clear completion dates - you know where you stand

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Company Information

Our mission:

NetSpan Solutions Ltd design and build tailor-made software solutions to enhance efficiency and profitability for Small/Medium Enterprises, PLCs and the Public Sector, using expert staff and appropriate technology to provide high-quality results and excellent value for money.


For over 20 years, NetSpan Solutions has been a leading Internet and Software Solutions Provider for nearly every business sector in the UK and abroad. Our multi-ranged expertise and attention to detail has given us a reputation for being able to deliver systems that are reliable, cost effective and require minimum maintenance. Our clients range from local businesses to nationwide corporations like Britannia Building Society, British Aerospace etc. to multi-national corporations such as ICL, IBM, AMEX and so on.

NetSpan Solutions is originally a software development company with a high expertise in database development, financial systems, mathematical modelling and real-time development. This background in software development has carried over also into development of sophisticated web applications, since the internet can be viewed as a means of providing distributed access to centralised software applications.



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