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Database Development

Over the years NetSpan has developed a considerable amount of knowledge of database design and database implementation. This includes small databases and large legacy systems connecting to in-house existing software on multiple operating systems over several networks.

Netspan can offer a solution involving any of the major database systems such as Access, FoxPro, SQL Server, Oracle, Ingress, DB2, Informix, mySQL etc.

Our specialities include porting of your old out of date systems while guaranteeing that conformance is maintained without loss of data or speed and ensuring that it is accessible for cross platform applications. Our extensive experience in this field has made it a natural step for us to apply our database knowledge to the internet.

The ability to be responsible for the whole installation and not just the part that operates on the web is becoming more important as clients become more aware that integration and promotion on the world wide web is necessary to make e commerce a financially viable proposition.

We have excellent web designers, but you need more than this expertise to stand any chance of using e commerce as a profitable addition to a firms existing marketing policy. The web only works well when it is properly promoted and integrated into your current business practices. You need to be able to keep the content updated yourself. Your advertising needs to be fresh. Your prices and deals need to be current.

NetSpan has developed a customisable solution for your online e commerce using SQL Server 2000. The application called ShopStormer allows for multiple variations within a product range, cost variations and stock numbers to be tied to any product in your stock.

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