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Financial Systems


We have developed Payroll and integrated accounts packages but we also support and configure many standard off the shelf accountancy packages and can integrate or update legacy systems. This gives us the expertise to join these software systems to custom built front end or back ends, enabling your financial systems to be seamlessly integrated with your specialist business.
We can also integrate your web business into your in-house systems to save on re -work and enable you to get maximum input from the web with minimum effort.

Stock Control

We have implemented many stock control systems, our speciality being implementing them on the web and keeping them consistent with existing legacy stock control systems held off-line by the customer. This allows clients to keep their inventory details updated automatically on the Internet enabling customers not only to see if it is what the want but when it can be delivered.

Time Series Analysis

We have experience in series analysis and other method to estimate future sales and values of goods, stocks, tickets etc based on historical records. We have been involved in various queuing problems in commercial traffic analysis, customer waiting times etc . We have worked as Consultants and Software Implementers.

Manufacturing analysis and Food processing .

We can produce systerms which can calculate the Cost of Manufacturing complex food processing products to calculate the total cost and cost breakdowns for Batch productions of a product.

Energy Consumption Costing Analysis

We can provide analysis of factory and shop heating systems to enable more efficient use of energy throughout the workspace.

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