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ServiceInABox - Vertical Market Solutions for your web site

The concept
Your web site is the public face of your company, so it's important that it looks good. You spend time and effort getting the image, the graphics, the text all just so. You tell the visitors about the quality of your service, your attention to detail, your great pricing, and so on. But, if you're not a programmer, you may not be able to make your site actually do the business. Now, with ServiceInABox, you can use our ready-made program modules to bring your site to life.

Each ServiceInABox package includes everything you need for a specific type of operation. For instance, the JobSite package enables a recruitment agency to advertise vacancies and collect job applications, without any programming work. Each package allows you, the site operator, to concentrate on the visual presentation and the details of the business, knowing that you can comfortably leave the technical support to NetSpan's ServiceInABox experts.

Pricing by use
Building a complex web site can be an expensive task, but the business model of ServiceInABox means that at least you spend nothing up-front on the programming part. Basically you pay for what you use - for each job / car / house / date / event you advertise, you pay a small fee. You can advertise as many as you like, up to your credit limit, and get billed either monthly or when you reach your credit limit, whichever comes first. We let you set up your first few adverts without payment, so that you can get your web site up and running first. Then, when you're ready, you pay the registration fee, which sets your initial credit limit. You can pay on-line at any time through our WorldPay secure payment gateway.

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